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Market or Pitch

The marketing and PR news and trends podcast from the vantage Black and Brown perspective. Featuring Yesenia Reinoso and Corey Davis.

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All 12 episodes of Season 1 & 1st half of Season 2 (Vols. 13-18) available across major podcasting mediums and YouTube.

NOW AIRING – Season 2. The 2nd half of S2 commences in February 2022.

“Market or Pitch: Freestyle” – The 2021 cycle (Ep. 1-3) available. Returning in summer 2022.

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Season 2

In Vol 18 (aka Ep. 6), Yesenia and Corey wrap up the first half of Season 2 with a look into the crystal ball for 2022! First, the duo discussed the massive success of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” across the cinema industry and the ramifications surrounding it in our appetizer segment. Next, we dive into the main course where we talked about the diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and how messaging will play a role. Finally, in our last segment, dessert, the team offers their 2022 predictions for the marketing and public relations sectors. 

We wish the “Market or Pitch” audience Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! The podcast will return in February 2022 for the second half launch of S2 after the winter hiatus.

In Volume 17 (aka Ep. 5) of “Market or Pitch,” Yesenia and Corey are back from the Thanksgiving break to discuss what they did during the break and what has changed in the second year of “COVID Thanksgiving.” With the holidays upon us, we wish our Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah which ended on December 6th. For our appetizer segment, we dive into the NFL’s surprising uptick in ratings and what that means for the league that has weathered its fair share of controversy. We then move into our entrée segment where there was a candid conversation about burnout and how common that is in our industry. The duo shares their own personal stories and offers tips for how to prevent them.

In Volume 16 (aka Ep. 4) of “Market or Pitch,” Yesenia and Corey discuss the rise of the influencer economy and its impact across industry sectors in the appetizer category. Finally, in a double entree and dessert segment, the team has a deep conversation on the overall messaging failure of the COVID-19 pandemic and how the ramifications crossed over affecting other societal areas. Based on the recent headlines of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers COVID-19 positive test and the shellacking of the Democratic faction this past off-election cycle, the trust of the general public has been severally damaged. The duo discussed ways for what marketers and communicators must do to restore integrity in the public’s eye with factual truth. 

In Volume 15 (aka Ep. 3) of “Market or Pitch,” Yesenia and Corey celebrate a very special anniversary – the podcast is officially turning one year old! We take a moment to reflect on our favorite moments from the past year as well as what has been a highlight for us since last October. We then dig into our appetizer by tackling the breaking news of Facebook changing its name to “Meta,” and the implications surrounding the change. Finally, we dive head first into our entrée with a discussion on when your own personal values conflict with the values of your company or client brand. What are the best methods to promote without interfering with your viewpoints? Tune in to find out!

In Volume 14 (aka Ep. 2) of “Market or Pitch,” Yesenia and Corey dive into the world of empathic marketing and how it needs to be adapted in all marketing and communications. The duo also wrapped up Hispanic Heritage Month with an important discussion about colorism after the “In The Heights” movie scandal which occurred this past summer. Finally, listen to a special partnership announcement between “Market or Pitch” and the new up-and-coming app Wisdom!

Access Yesenia’s PR News byline “Hispanic Diversity in PR: A Slow Work in Progress” below.

In the Season 2 premiere (Vol 13 aka Ep. 1) of “Market or Pitch,” Corey and Yesenia debut the new format of the podcast based on listener feedback. Moving forward, each episode will now mirror a “meal.” We begin with an Appetizer (or Marketing/PR-focused news from the past week). Then, move into our Entree segment (or the main topic of episode discussion). Finally, time permitting, finish with Dessert (filled with special surprises and fun activities). Besides debuting the new format, this themed episode is in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) that falls from September 15th to October 15th. We discussed the importance of brands communicating directly to Hispanic consumers as a way to build brand loyalty and equity. 

To access the PR News feature “Tips for How Communicators Can Bond with Hispanics” click on the link:

*** To access past episodes of Season 1 and Year 1 of the intermission series Freestyle, click here. ***

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